Through Monthly Maintenance or One-Time Services, we’ll recommend the right action plan for you

Although most of our clientele are monthly clients that have been relying their vessel to us for years, we also offer one-time services. With our trained expert technicians we provide the following services:


Ultimate Wash & Shine / Wash & Detailing
Fiberglass or Paint Polishing / Deep Cleaning & Waxing or Ceramic Coating
Gelcoat or Paint Restoration / Oxidation Removal w/ Compound / Wet Sand
Bright Work / Chrome Oxidation Removal, Polishing & Coating
Teak Cleaning, Restoration & Coating
Windows, Upholstery , Plastic, Rubber and Isinglass Conditioning
Caulking and Non-Skid Whitening


All same processes as topside, plus:

Waterline and Intakes Detailing
Anchor Pulpit, Windows and Swimming Platform Detailing
In water service with Floating Work Rack


Bottom Paint Cleaning / Algae & Barnacle Removal
Intakes and hard to reach areas done with unique Hydro Washer Process
Inspection & Reports for of all Underwater Gear (with pictures and video)
Zincs Replacement (parts & labor)


All rooms Conditioning (Lounge, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen, etc.)
Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning (shampoo or vacuum)
Laundry on Sheets and Towels


All Engine Room Detailing
Oil and Bilge Water Removing plus Oil Pads Collocation
On Outboards: Cowls, Lower Engine and Propellers Detailing